SHORT STORIES (2009-2003)
Red Cedar Review, Michigan State University, Volume 45, 2009, “Going Dark”
The Able Muse, Summer 2009, “Black Wine” (online)
Minnetonka Review, Spring Park, Minnesota, Summer 2009, “The Fringe”
Verdad, Long Beach City College, CA, April 2009, “The Great Salt Lake” (online)
Center, A Journal of the Literary Arts, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 2009, “The Houseguest”

The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI, Fall 2008, “Bellhop”
Dark Sky Magazine, Summer 2008, “The Ablutionary”
• Menda City Press, February 2008, “Curtains”
• Rio Grande Review, The University of Texas at El Paso, Spring 2007, “Come To Me”
PORCUPINE Literary Arts Magazine, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, 2006, “The Runaway”
The Distillery, Motlow State Community College, Lynchburg, TN, 2006, “The Whistlers”
• Snow Monkey, Print Anthology, Edmonds, WA, 2006, “St. James Hotel”
Cottonwood Review, University of Kansas, 2006, “The Day My Father Died”
LIT Magazine, New School University, NYC, February 2006, “Lament”
The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI, Fall 2006 or Winter 2007, “Marine Band”
Fox Cry Review, University of Wisconsin, 2005, “Didn't She Ramble?”
VerbSap, April 2005, “I Think Jesus is Fred Astaire” (online)
ZONE 3, Austin Peay State University, TN, Fall 2005, “Marine Band”
The Pikeville Review, Pikeville College, KY, 2005, "The Crossing”

• elimae, Summer 2004, “She's A Little Store Inside” (online)
• Main Street Rag, North Carolina, 2004, “The Bandoneon” (Runner Up 2003 Fiction Contest)
• Lullwater Review, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Winter 2003, “She's A Little Store Inside”
• Red Hen Press 2003 Short Fiction Competition, 2nd Place, “She's A Little Store Inside”
• GSU Review, Georgia State University, Winter 2003, “She's A Little Store Inside”
The Baltimore Review, Summer/Fall 2003, “She’s A Little Store Inside”
Full Circle, A Journal of Poetry and Prose, April 2003, “The Hireling” (online/print)
pacific REVIEW, San Diego State University, April 2003, “Circus Man”
CrossConnect, University of Pennsylvania, April 2003, “The Avengers” (online)
Terrain: A Journal of Built and Natural Environments, March 2003, “Typewriter” (online)
WAG, January 2003, “Star-Crossed” (online)

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