BANJO GREASE, SELECTED STORIES, Reissue, Red Hen Press — Pasadena, CA, November, 2019
BROTHER CARNIVAL, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA — September, 2018
GOING DARK: SELECTED STORIES, Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA, Fall 2016
HUSH NOW, DON’T EXPLAIN, Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA, Fall 2014
THE WORLD’S SMALLEST BIBLE, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA, Spring 2014
OH, DON'T ASK WHY, Stories by Dennis Must, Red Hen Press, Los Angeles, CA, 2007
BANJO GREASE, Selected Stories, Creative Arts Book Company, Berkeley, CA, Spring 2000

RED CEDAR REVIEW, Retrospective Celebrating 45 Years , Michigan State University Press, 2011, “Queen Esther”
DID PIRATES RIP HER ARMS OFF?, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA, February 2011, “Marine Band”
THE ABLE MUSE ANTHOLOGY, FIRST DECADE, Able Muse Press, San Jose, CA, “Queen Esther”
THE CRUCIFIX IS DOWN, Contemporary Short Fiction, Red Hen Press, Granada Hills, CA, Spring 2005, “Portmanteau”
BLUE CATHEDRAL, Short Fiction for a New Millennium, Red Hen Press, Valentine Publishing Group, Van Nuys, CA, 1999, “Say Hello To Stanley”  

SHORT STORIES (2016-2010)
OxMag, Spring 2016, Miami University, Ohio, “Man in the Mirror”
Bartleby Snopes, July 2015, “When Somebody Begins Weeping”
Amarillo Bay, Texas, November 2014, “The Joining” (online)
The Saint Ann’s Review, Brooklyn, NY, 2014 Issue, “Circling Toward Nightfall”
Licking River Review, Northern Kentucky University, 2014 Edition, “What Was I Thinking?” (print)
The Storyteller Magazine, Spring 2014, “Dry Bread and Turnip Soup” 
Breakwater Review, Issue #10, Winter 2014 University of Massachusetts, Boston, “Crash” (online)
Fiction Fix, Winter 2013, Issue 15, “The Tick A Tick A Tick” (online)
Crack the Spine, November 2013, “Wartime Stockings” (online)
Minetta Review, New York University, Fall 2013, “What Are You Doing in My Father's House?” (online and print edition)
Amarillo Bay, Texas, August 2013, “What Are You Doing in My Father’s House?” (online)
Menacing Hedge, Summer 2013, “Lucky Stone” (online)
Carrier Pigeon, Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art, Winter 2012, “Typewriter”
ATTICUS REVIEW, December 2011, “The Bequest” (online)
VERDAD, A Journal of Literature and Art, Winter 2011, “The Window Harp” (online)
Eclectica Magazine, Summer Issue, July 2011, “The Gentleman Caller” (online)
Midway Journal, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 6, “Lookout Hill” (online)
Red Cedar Review, Michigan State University, 2011 Retrospective Issue, “Queen Esther”
LITnIMAGE, Winter Issue, January 2011, “Little Men” (online)
Diverse Voices Quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 7, 2010, “Pedaling Backward”
The Brooklyn Review, Brooklyn College, NY, Volume 27, 2010, “His Attic Wife”
SNReview, Winter 2010, “Airmail” (online and print edition)
Drunken Boat, 2010, “Chet Baker Crosses the Allegheny” (online)

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