FULL CIRCLE, A Journal of Poetry and Prose
“Everyone responded to your story (The Hireling) with enthusiasm and to quote members of our editorial board: ‘I am very smitten with this piece. Lovely writing. The slight tension. The view and perspective of the narrator and the relationships. The tension comes out via the garden, and spills into the relationship. Exact. Beautiful.’ And ‘I agree with all you say. Read this three more times this morning. Love it.” — Editor

University of Pennsylvania

“If you have not yet found a home for The Avengers, XConnect would be extremely pleased to publish your work in our upcoming web issue. I found your writing to be both refreshing and artful, and I would like very much to share your work with the XConnect community.” — Ryan Ly, Associate Editor, Fiction, 2003

Tom Jenks, With Raymond Carver edited American Short Story Masterpieces (Dell)
 “What a bravura performance, line-by-line, moment-by-moment. Very powerful.” — On short story Cloth

Geoffrey Clark: Author of several novels including JACKDOG SUMMER , and story collections
“I want to congratulate you on Typewriter , which really hit me where I live with the famous shock of recognition…If I ever taught Creative Writing again, I’d want my classes to read that piece at the outset. Don’t think I’ve read anything so penetrating on the mysteries & agonies & even soupcon of joy of and on the creative process in a long time, if ever…You’ve got it all there, the anguish, the unspeakable communication between the self and the other, and the blackly comic, sardonic quality of ‘A Hunger Artist.’”

WRITERS’ FORUM, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
“I think Escape is a terrific story and I would like to publish it in our next available issue. In addition to being dramatic and insightful, the story has some excellently witty moments…” — C. Kenneth Pellow, Editor

“What a vivid story—both Grace and the Maine setting are well-rendered and precise.” — On Ambush.

“The Alsop Review showcases outstanding poets and writers. It is my pleasure to invite you to appear as a featured writer.” — Jamie Wasserman, Editor

“Congratulations on being included on our cover. Les Barnes (Fiction Editor) and I enjoyed your story immensely and wanted to make sure you received that extra bit of recognition. — Todd Moffett, Editor, on Escape

SOU'WESTER, Southern Illinois University
“Escape is a fine, strongly made short story. Each time I read it, I like it more, and that is a sure critical sign, one that I trust.” — Fred W. Robbins, Editor

“This is the first story I have received in a long time that I just read straight through online. I want to use it in Issue 3 of Big Bridge…It's the way you told your story through product, the iconization of the objects of consumption that begin to define the individual, or hide the individual, that I found compelling…” — Michael Rothenberg, Editor, on Scatology

“All of the fiction you submitted was outstanding. These two (Ambush and Man in a Bright Nightgown) fit upcoming themes.” — Simmons Buntin, Editor

“I loved your story Ambush and it remains solidly in my mind. I must have editedthis story 5 or 6 times…and it ‘hit me in the gut’ every single time…To the many individuals purchasing copies, I always say, ‘Read Ambush!’ So that tells you what I think of your writing. Wow.” — Cynthia Warren Leffner, Editor

“I read your short story, Soil, with a good deal of interest, and would like to use in in Savoy…Regardless of your decision, Soil is a wonderful story that should be read by as wide an audience possible.” — G.K. Nelson, Editor

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to read The Avengers. What a terrific story! I was hooked from the first sentence. This is a wonderful piece, very stylishly written, with a powerful voice and deliciously dark foreboding. Our readers will love it as much as I do.” — Elise Lyons, Editor

“Your technical ability and craftsmanship are tremendous: I would like to take all three of these stories, if you are open to it.” Regarding Typewriter, Portmanteau, and The Rabbi's WifeDeron Bauman, Editor

GHLL: The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Truman University, Missouri
I’d sure be honored to have Typewriter for the next issue unless I see one of yours I like even more. But that one's a piece of art…I'm soliciting here because as you know, your work has a lot of power for me—lots of staying power, and I want to make sure GHLL gets some of it!” — Jack Smith, Editor

WAG: A Magazine for Decadent Readers
“Thanks a million for sending along your story, Star-Crossed. It's a terribly moving story, and I'd love to put it up on the Wag Web site. Please keep Wag in mind for future stories—I love reading your material.” — Doug Childers, Editor

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