More Short Stories

• Terrain, December 1999: “Man in a Bright Nightgown” (online)
• Amarillo Bay, Texas, November Issue #2, 1999: “Mechanic” (online)
Conspire, November 1999: “Tracks” (online)
• Savoy Magazine, November 1999: “Soil”
• Red Rock Review, Community College, Southern Nevada, Volume One, Issue Five, Winter 1999: “Escape”
• Sou'wester, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois, October 1999:
• Pennsylvania English, Penn State DuBois, PA, Fall 1999: “Etude”
Eclectica Magazine, September 1999: “Mechanic” (online)
• Rosebud, Cambridge, Wisconsin, Spring 1999: “The Pruner”
• American Jones & Building Maintenance, anthology, Chicago, Illinois, Issue 5, Spring 1999: “White Shoulders”

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A Mexican Bird Act
Woodcut of Program
Artist: John Hawkins

• LYNX EYE, Los Angeles, CA, May, 1999: Honorable Mention for “Say Hello to Stanley”
• The Alsop Review, Featured Writer, March, 1999: “Chrysalis,” “Passing Through Ambridge,” “Popeye's Dead,” “Banjo Grease,” “Celebrity,” “Horace,” “The Scar,”
Princeton Arts Review, Worcester, MA, August 1999: “Mechanic”
• Atom Mind, Albuquerque, New Mexico, scheduled Issue 20, 1999: “Passing Through Ambridge”
• The Blue Moon Review, 1999: “Oh, Josephine” (online)
• The Alsop Review, 1999: First Prize for “Say Hello To Stanley”
• CrossConnect, University of Pennsylvania, 1999: Best of Year hard print includes “Big Whitey”
• Reader's Break, anthology, Jamesville, New York, 1999: “News From Heaven”
• Yefief, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Issue 6, 1999: “Cloth”
Orange Willow Review, Island Lake, Illinois, 1999: “Ambush”
• Writers' Forum, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 25th Anniversary Issue, 1999: “Escape”
• Atom Mind, Albuquerque, New Mexico, scheduled Issue 21, 1999: “Popeye's Dead”
• Big Bridge, Pacifica, CA, Issue 3, 1999: “Scatology“ (online)
Pangolin Papers, Norland, Washington, Volume 5, Number 2, Winter 1998: “Day Laborer”
The Alsop Review, Octavo, September, 1998: “Cloth”
Southern Indiana Review, University of Southern Indiana, Volume 5, 1998: “The Scar”
• Taproot Literary Review, Ambridge, Pennsylvania, 1998: First Prize in their 11th Annual National Competition for “Horace”
FOIBLER, Magazine of Abstract Underground Expression, Cohoes, New York, 1998:“Hammond B-3”
CrossConnect, University of Pennsylvania, Issue 10, 1998: “Big Whitey” (online)
FUEL, Chicago, Illinois, Issue 23/24, 1998: “Oh, Josephine”
• Salt Hill Journal, Syracuse University, Number 6, 1998: “Chrysalis” (hard copy & online)
Java Snob Review, Bellevue, Minnesota, Summer 1997: “Passing Through Ambridge”
• Talus & Scree, An International Literary Journal, Number 4, 1997: “Big Whitey”
Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Volume 1, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 1996: “Banjo Grease”
Sundog, The Southeast Review, Florida State University, Volume 16, Number 2, 1996: “Banjo Grease”
The Oval Magazine, Brooklyn, New York, 1996: First Prize for “Popeye's Dead”

• Nightmoths, Westbeth Theatre, Bank Street, Greenwich Village, New York, 1974
Blue Horse, Rivington Street, New York, New York, 1973
• The Mexican Bird Act, Rutgers Community Center, Lower East Side, New York, New York, 1971
• Death's Balloon, East 10th Street, New York, New York, 1969

The Washington Square Review, New York University, Volume 1, Number One, Winter 1965: “Islam,” “Lake Forest Studio”

• HUSH NOW, DON’T EXPLAIN, forthcoming by Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA
     Finalist, 2008 Michigan Literary Fiction Award, University of Michigan Press
     Finalist in the Faulkner Society’s William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in the Novel, 2009

• THE WORLD’S SMALLEST BIBLE, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA, spring 2014

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