SHORT STORIES (2002-2000)
Pig Iron Malt, December 2002, “Hammond B-3”
Bayou, University of New Orleans, LSU, Premier Issue 2002, “Star-Crossed”
Green Hills Literary Lantern, Truman State University, MO, 2002, “Typewriter”
Limestone, A Literary Quarterly, University of Kentucky, 2001-2002 Edition, “Lily Pond”
Linnaean Street, Winter 2001, “Lament ” (online)
Elimae, Summer-Fall 2001, “Typewriter,” “The Rabbi’s Wife,” “Portmanteau” (online)
Exquisite Corpse, New Orleans, Issue #10, Fall 2001, “Combustion”
The Adirondack Review, Fall 2001, Volume II, #2, “Lily Pond” (online)
The Paumanok Review, July 2001, “Horace” (online)
Linnaean Street, Summer 2001: “The Pruner” (online)
Blue Murder Magazine, Summer 2001: “The Avengers” (online)
The Wag, May 2001, “Boys” (online)
Unlikely Stories, May 2001, “Boys,” “Combustion,” “Horace,” “Big Whitey” (online)
Prairie Winds, Dakota-Wesleyan University, April 2001, “Comin' For To Carry Me Home”
Terrain, March 2001: “Nolde's Sun” (online)
Red Hen Press, Grenada Hills, CA, 2001 Short Story Award, publication in upcoming short fiction anthology, “Portmanteau”

• Avatar Review, November 2000: “News From Heaven“ & “Grief“ (online)
The Portland Review, Portland State University, Portland, OR, Winter 2000, “Typewriter”
RE:AL, The Journal of Liberal Arts, Nacogdoches, TX, Fall 2000: “The Rooming House”
• The Able Muse, September 2000, “Queen Esther” (online)
• Linnaean Street, September 2000, “Comin' For To Carry Me Home” (online)
• Exquisite Corpse, New Orleans, July 2000, “Grief” (online)
• Mefisto, Venice, Italy, July 2000, “Lily Pond” (online in English & Italian)
• Stirring, July 2000: “Celebrity” (online)
• Short Story, July 2000: “Cloth“ (online)
• Aura Literary/Arts Review, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, Spring 2000, Vol. 26, Number 1: “Queen Esther”
• Southern Ocean Review, New Zealand, April 2000, “The Rooming House” (online & print)
• Terrain, March 2000: “Ambush” (online)
• RiverSedge, University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX, Volume 14:1 2000, “Boys”
• Red Cedar Review, Michigan State University, 2000: “Queen Esther”

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